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Harness the power of our marketplace and manufacturing APIs. Upload 3D models,
sell to others, and print in over 30 materials and finishes.

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Shapeways provides developers easy access to world class 3D Printing technology.
With the Shapeways API, you can generate and sell real life products just by writing code.

Upload and Sell Products

The Shapeways Upload API enables web and desktop applications to submit 3D models to the Shapeways marketplace.

You can control pricing, available materials, and add markup to models that are for sale to our community.

Upload and Sell Products
Instant Pricing

Instant Pricing

The Shapeways Pricing API gives developers instant access to pricing in any of our materials and finishes.

Integrate pricing directly into your 3D tools and Product Creation Apps.

Checkout and 3D Print

The Shapeways Checkout API lets Apps add and manage products shown in the Shapeways Shopping Cart.

This enables Apps to pre-select products and materials for easy Order Placement!

Checkout and Print

Getting Started

This How To Guide will take you step by step through building a Shapeways Application.

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